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Lotto 508 - Asta 117 - giorno 1

10.000,00-14.000,00 GBP
Base d'asta:
8.000,00 GBP

10th-11th century AD. A substantial and very heavy solid gold man's penannular bracelet comprising thick twisted rods, flattened tongue-shaped plate finials each with fourteen pelletted triangle stamps. See Shetelig, H. (ed) Viking Antiquities in Great Britain and Ireland, Part VI, Oslo, 1954 fig.85; Graham-Campbell, J. Viking Treasure from the North West: The Cuerdale Hoard in Context, National Museums and Galleries in Merseyside. 152 grams, 83mm (3 1/4"). Property of a Wiltshire collector; acquired from a Cambridgeshire gentleman in 2008 for US$24,000 (£18,500); formerly in a German private collection since the 1970s; believed previously found in Eastern Europe; accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from BidAncient Ltd., number 958, dated 31 July 2008, where it is described as a 'Unique & Unparalleled' piece, with the remains of the original till receipt encapsulated to the reverse.

Grading/Stato: Very fine condition. A large wearable size.


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8.000,00 GBP
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