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Lotto 375 - Asta 117 - giorno 1

10.000,00-14.000,00 GBP
Base d'asta:
9.000,00 GBP

2nd-4th century AD. A substantial carved schist figure of Atlas crouching with wings folded to the rear, the head raised with intense facial expression, neat moustache above a small pursed mouth; the body muscular with hands folded around the right leg and clasping the shin; D-shaped base with locating peg beneath; traces of gilding to the surface; mounted on a custom-made stand. For a series of schist figures of Atlas in the British Museum, either free-standing or as fragments of reliefs, see nos.355-378 in Zwalf, W. A Catalogue of the Gandharan Sculpture in the British Museum, London, British Museum Press, 1996. Exhibited by Jonathan Tucker, Asian Art, 37 Bury Street, St James's, London, SW1Y 6AU: An Important Group of Sculptures from India, Southeast Asia and China, Thursday 1 November to Friday 23 November 2018, exhibit no.2. 32.7 kg total, 62cm including stand (24 1/2"). Property of a Middlesex gentleman; formerly with Jonathan Tucker, Asian Art, London, (£35,000); acquired on the London art market before 2000; formerly in an old English collection; accompanied by copies of the relevant catalogue pages.

Grading/Stato: Fine condition. Rare with significant amounts of gilding intact.


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