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Lot 505 - Auction 117 - Day 1

30.000,00-40.000,00 GBP
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30.000,00 GBP

5th-6th century AD. A massive pair of Gothic bow brooches, each with semi-circular silver head-plate, with attached gilt bird-head central knop and columnar gilt side pieces with bird-head projection; affixed gold cell plate at the bow holding triangular and circular cut garnet cloisons, linked with a projecting ridged bow riveted to the head- and foot-plate, with central ridge and affixed gold cell holding triangular and circular cut garnets; to the reverse, affixed projecting pin hinge and retainer plates. Cf. Menghin, W. The Merovingian Period. Europe Without Borders, Berlin, 2007, number I.33.8.1; cf. Laszlo, Gyala, The Art of the Migration Period, number 42. 306 grams total, 21cm (9"). Property of a North London gentleman; previously in a UK collection formed in the 1980s; accompanied by a specialist report by Colin O'Hara dated 1983, and a scholarly note from Dr Ronald Louis Bonewitz. The present pair of brooches are in exceptional condition and display many of the early features which were retained into the period of the Visigothic presence in Spain, such as the tongue-shaped footplate and straight sides to the headplate -see Menghin ibid. IX.6.9. [2]

Grading/Status: Very fine condition. Exceptionally large pair of museum display quality.


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