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Lot 287 - Auction 117 - Day 1

7.000,00-9.000,00 GBP
Starting price:
7.000,00 GBP

6th century BC. A large silver bowl with chamfered rim; accompanied by an original old scholarly note, typed and signed by W.G. Lambert, late Professor of Assyriology, University of Birmingham, 1970-1993, which states: 'Ancient Iranian Large Silver Dish with Inscription 42.5cm. diam., 9.5 cm. high. This is an extremely large dish, probably the largest of its kind, and in remarkably good condition. It is hammered from sheet metal with a strengthened lip, on which is an inscription in Neo-Elamite cuneiform script: ?am-pi-ri-i? sunki sa-ma-tir?-ra ?ak? da-ba-la-na / Ampirish, king of Samati, son of Dabala. This comes from north-west Iran, and dates to c. 600-550 B.C. After the fall of the Assyrian empire in 612 B.C. a short-lived dynasty arose in north-west Iran, founded by Ampirish, who is only known to us from inscriptions on silver. This is a fine example of the silver-ware produced at this time in the area of north-west Iran, and important for the history of ancient Iranian art, being pre-Achaemenid.'. 2.4 kg, 42cm (16 1/2"). Property of a North London lady; gifted from her father's collection; formerly with a Mayfair gallery, London, UK; previously acquired in the 1980s.

Grading/Status: Very fine condition. Extremely rare.


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